Eldlive, Reborn as Spacerobot Cop

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! in space. This time we step away from the mafia and step into space police. Does that mean there won’t be another season to cover the final arc of Reborn? I don’t think so my friend. We never know we can have another Full Metal Panic miracle. You could be right. Tsunayoshi Sawada and Reborn reborn into an alien living inside another body call Dolugh and a PTSD teenager Chuuta.  It has a certain quirky old-school charm to it that appeals to me, and I had a lot of 


elDLIVE is really just a simple, shounen series with not much complications regarding the plot or characters. Almost everything about it is as straightforward as it can get or, as some people would call it, predictable. How can you call an alien growing out a person, and giving him powers straightforward? We went from baby mafia to alien, and Chuuta is manlier than Sawada. 

But this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not worth a watch, though. Despite the simple plot line, the episodes have a good flow to them and usually have a sense of continuity between them. This gives you the feeling of wanting/needing to watch on to find out what happens next, which I thought they pulled off decently well. I know what you mean, I kept watching it with you to see the next alien villain.  The alien stuff is OK so far, pretty boilerplate early 21st-Century comedy sci-fi material.  I think the series works best when it’s inside Chuuta’s head as he tries to make sense of all the bizarre things happening to him. agree, I think Akira Amano does all good job forming the backstories for his characters. 

What did you think about s called DeMille, a band of aliens who want to destroy Earth of course, but particularly want to nab Chuta and Dolugh? I think they are lacking in scene time, so they are still a mystery.  Wait for season two my friend.

Another thing alluded to is an experiment performed on Misuzu which apparently cost her part of her memory; AND there seems to be some connection between Chuta’s friends’ “death” so many years ago, and Eldlive (or Demille), which has yet to be explored in detail. Remember we didn’t know anything about Reborn, the other babies and the pacifiers till near the end of the story. That final battle was full of action hah, I think they put all the remaining budget into that final battle. Yep, the final battle of this “Season One” has nearly everything that final season battles CAN, and that’s just fine.

In conclusion the series didn’t feel that rushed, although I thought the ending did fall victim to that a bit. That said, the series ended on a decent note and was quite open, although I highly doubt a second season would come but it definitely has made room for a possibility.  Are you reading the manga? No, I am not, but it is available on Viz,

The sexualization in this show is similar to Reborn, right? You mean the hormones stuff and the pervy 500 hundred year old doctor Strange Love? You kind of expect this from a name like that. I think Akira took what he did with Reborn and turn it up  to 11 with both male and female characters with this series.  I’d say the artwork is above average despite its ‘simplistic style’. Some creativity was used choosing coloration as well as design for the aliens in the show. Many of the likenesses are borrowed from other sources of sci-fi like Men in Black or Hitchhiker Guide’s however. Everything meshes together well, making a… nostalgic style, I suppose. I think that it helped with the felling of classic sci-fi should have a great time. Bonus points, well spotted.

This show was fun despite its shortcomings and I’d love to see a second season. I mean, there are so many mysteries remaining, including the deepest mystery of all- who the heck is Yui Sakuraebi?

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