Koe no Katachi, The Voice of Feels

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I dare say that in some aspects, it is better than a Ghibli film; the ambient piano background music really matches with parts of the film, and the use of marimbas and even silence at the dramatic climax worked out well.  Although I  know don’t much about music, so I won’t talk about the music much. This movie is about acceptance, self-forgiveness and a boy that could be you or me’s journey for redemption.

You can  understand this movie, right? You have a a disability too.  Well yes, we have Cerebral Palsy, my  dear alter ego. I was not bullied in high school, but I can understand the pain that Shōko went through in high school with normal kids. Some kids can be cruel at times, and adults as well.

Having read the manga 3 times over and crying every time, I still think a series would have been better, but then I would be crying a lot more. Although a lot of the short story arcs from the manga was not animated, I thought the movie would have lost some of the manga initial impact on me. However, much to my surprise, it has been a very long time since I have cried that much while watching( apart from the Boy and the Beast last year) a movie. Anime is the best medium at telling stories about the human conditions.

I brought the blu-ray to watch this movie because there was no showing of the movie of where I was and I was revising for my exams as well.  Thank god it was not available in my country in theaters. OherwiseYou would have made a fool of yourself at the cinema, crying out loud while watching that movie. You are not wrong, but I still wanted to see it live.

Upon transferring to a new elementary school, a hearing-impaired girl named Shoko Nishimiya  is preyed upon by her unrelenting peers, including the mischievous Shoya Ishida. The bullying has left Nishimiya guilt-ridden, as she blames herself for a disability she can’t control. This is beautifully evidenced in her evocative facial expressions, which go a long way in communicating the pain and frustration of someone who can’t express themselves verbally. I cried at those scenes. They felt so sad and painful.

Instead of demonizing Ishida and making him out to be a one-dimensional jerk, A Silent Voice flips the script, making Ishida not only someone you sympathize with, but someone you can’t help but root for. I even forgive him in the end; that is great, you should after seeing the movie. When Ishida’s bullying reaches a breaking point, he finds himself ostracized by his peers, which exposes an even greater view on the cruelty of youth and how quickly one’s so-called friends can turn on them to protect their own skin. The opening of the film did a great job of expressing Isida’s guilt through jumping between cuts to show Ishida’s effort to escape the pit of despair that traps him, a high school-aged Ishida sets out make amends,

Kyotoani is huge on the big eyes and cute girls style, but when you see the tears and repressions the characters make it really break your heart, right boss? Yes oh no, the tears are rolling again. The gorgeous backgrounds must also be praised for their lovingly-crafted, painterly aesthetic, which marry beautifully with the varied, yet coherent character designs. From the sunshine-soaked, lush outdoor locales to the dark. The gorgeous backgrounds must also be praised for their lovingly-crafted, painterly aesthetic, which marry beautifully with the varied, yet coherent character designs.

I reall likey Kyotoanim use of the purple X on the faces. Yes, they superimpose purple X’s on the faces of those to whom Isida is estranged, and while this visual cue initially appears a bit unnecessary and distracting, the way in which it’s handled over the course of the film, right up to its emotionally rousing end, ultimately justifies their inclusion.

Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster as the movie plays with your ever so small heart and make your tear ducts red; right my alter ego? Yes, I agreed. This movie has weakened our hearts as it progresses, but it also makes you love this life a bit more. It is never too late to turn your life around from mistakes. You think so? Yep, we are all human, and we can change

4 thoughts on “Koe no Katachi, The Voice of Feels

  1. I’ll admit that I’ve always found sadness/melancholy to be a particularly pure emotion, running much deeper in me than joy (a blinding, brief, and treacherous thing!). I haven’t yet seen this movie, but you’ve piqued my curiosity. Many thanks!


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