Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara, ways to get your wife drunk

A cute romantic comedy about alcoholic drinks and a cute couple daily life make a great show for me and sensei to enjoy. We learn a lot about alcohol from this show, and to be honest, we wanted to make some ourselves; we will probably have to rewatch the show to relearn those drinks, but it will be worth it. I think Irina would love this.

This is great anime short about a couple in which the husband is a bartender Masaki Shiraishi, who makes cocktails and alcoholic drinks for his wife, who loves to drink, but cannot do so in public because she changes her personality when she is drunk. There is a lemon mascot showing us how to make these delicious drinks.

Mizusawa Chisato She is a beautiful, mature and serious 28 years old manager in her company. However, when she drinks the alcoholics drinks her husband served, she becomes a WHOLE NEW person 🙂 And her reactions are so cute and adorable and will make you think of Erina from Food Wars.

 Sora Mizusawa- He is Chisato’s gentle husband who rarely shows anger. He is responsible for the general housework at the Mizusawa household. He has worked in a bar and is familiar with cocktails. He is a furniture designer.


The “beergasm and cocktailgasm of the wife is adorable. ” if anything is VERY similar to Shokugeki no Souma’s foodgasms ” all the more to look forward to. Her husband is a brilliant stay at home man, who works nights at a bar,  and he can whip up all sorts of drinks that made and tanteikid94 want to drink them. 

The animation done by Creators in Pack studio did decent enough with this short by showing off some detailed animations on the cocktails as well as the decent enough character designs to make them all distinguishable. Even then, the lemon mascot (that shows up a lot) though he’s expected character design for a mascot isn’t that bad either. Either way, the animation is pretty good if only because of the detailed cocktails.

All in all, if you have about 3 minutes to watch a relaxing show about a couple making amazing cocktails and drinking them together, all the while engaging in a sweet romance that makes you feel fuzzy all over, but lonely at the same time.  Please be objective in your review sir. Okay, sorry sensei, but let me complain a little,

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