Gamers, Not about game but Romcom of the Dense

Gamers! spends its first episode lulling audiences into thinking they’re going to get exactly what they expect from an anime called Gamers!. Our hero Keita is quiet and socially awkward and games are the only joy in his life, until Karen, the most popular girl in school, appears out of nowhere and tries to recruit him into her secret video game club. This anime is less about joining a video game competition, but how to confuse people’s feelings for each other and complicate the two male’s relationships within the group.

Coming from what sensei said above, we will be talking about the characters of the show because that is where all the drama of the show comes from the interactions of the group members. There is no end-goal of becoming champions or reviving the club, but so much confusing emotions that will make you cried, laugh and cringe.

Pine Jam is the studio behind Gamers! The amination of the show is nothing special, but it was particularly good with the colors of the background. I really like to see the environment scenes when the characters are outside. The atmosphere and the environment’s colors are amazing, and that gaming throwback op and ed is a nice touch for gamers.

Lets first start with our MC Amano: His character as a protagonist is around in the middle of cliche anime and best MC. On one side he isn’t a Yuuki Rito who gets flustered each time a girl talks to him (to a certain level) but then again he is dense, tanteikid,a typical anime trope. Well sensei he has never interacted with people before, which might … His motivations and interests resonate among many people as he wants to play games for the fun of it and do not matter how  others see him.

He is dense, but at least he confessed to Tendou very early in the show’s run and know that he is dating Tendou and likes her, but he clueless to Chiaki slowly developing feelings for him. He is a kind and caring; even to the point of hanging out with another girl he just met because she thought her bf is cheating or her witg\h the girl that has a crush on him to their point that he was suspected of cheating himself. If you had the guts to confess two episodes in, why not explain to everyone, baka.  Sensei will take care of explaining the next character.

Tendou: This anime’s  “Perfect Girl” trope, Tendou typically falls head over heels for Amano (something pretty obvious from the start) and constantly chases him comically in every episode and cries when he ignores her. She is a cross between a bit Tsundere and a bit DereDere. Nevertheless, she is one of my favorite characters from the start in the series but unfortunately, she doesn’t get much attention save for the first episode till the third episode. This change when Akari and Amaro started hanging out as friends; she started having an yandare aura because of jealousy and is too anime-woman like to just tell him straight out. 

I will be honest, she is my least favorite female character. She has only two things apart from her interest in games and her looks. I don’t like the nice girl mix with underline yandere jealousy. I like her for the fact that she confessed her feelings and got together with Keita, but that is where the drama is. Romcom is spicy, right sensei?

Chiaki Hoshinomori is a bigger geek than Keita. She has almost zero self-esteem in a public setting. Chiaki’s world seems to be one online. She is constantly plugged in, playing games, and making games under aliases. When she and Keita first talk, they sit comically far apart and can barely look at each other. With her long hair and eyes on the ground, Chiaki in many ways seems to be an outcast just like Keita. The change from quietly awkward to public mess begins after she meets Keita and more importantly Uehara. She quickly develops a crush on the handsome Tasuku (make sense he and Keita are the two boys that talk with her in real life) and when he makes an off-handed comment about how she could look cute with shorter hair, she shows up the next day with a bob. Her behavior is normal as she never interact with others offline. Let’s be honest, if a cute girl or handsome guy calls you cute, you will like them as well.

She is a bit indecisive at times, especially when she learns that an online friend and Keita are one and the same. A revelation that her rival is one of her closest online friends causes her to black out for hours, it was as if she had too much data to process and began to lag. She then has to spend a lot of time questioning her feelings about Keita when hours earlier she was attracted to Uehara. We are then set up for a series of awkward interactions and conversations; she even forces her sister to pretend that she was the one he was friends with online. Chiaki is cute and, like a lot of the characters, an absolute mess. She doesn’t want to admit that she might possibly like her rival Keita, and that adds another layer of confusion for the already confused characters.

 The younger sister:  Konoha Hoshinomori is the younger sister of Chiaki, one of the lead protagonists of the series, and is the president of Hekiuyou Private Academy Student Council. She is basically a model student. She likes to be liked and depended on. Konoha doesn’t even mind putting in the extra effort to gain that respect. She tends to sail through school with ease and is ranked high in athletics and academics. She is also average in her own way. The high-achieving school idol has never been able to be number one and feels she only got the job of student council president because Karen Tendou, the most popular girl in school, transferred out. She has a dark secret.

She’s hiding the fact that she’s a bit of a pervert. Konoha loves adult video games and eroge. She loves them to the extent of dressing up in a disguise and frequenting the area behind the over-18-only curtain at the game shop. The world of Konoha gets even more complicated when she assumes the identity of an online game developer. Yes, a high school girls developing games is not something you expect. She started hanging out with Keita as she pretends to be her sister. Keita is friends with this developer online, but they’ve never met in real life. We get to see her freak out at several points when her secret is on the verge of exposure. Konoha also seems to slowly develop a crush on Keita, who is at the center of many of the misunderstandings. At various points, she seems like the only sane one in the group, but insanity spreads like a virus leaving her in just as a confused state as the other characters in this romcom. I really want to see if this crush of hers will come o anything interesting. I think she is my favorite character to her love for her sister, her love for eroge and her cheerfulness.

Tasuku: has a good life. He is handsome, cool, has lots of friends, and a cute-as-hell girlfriend. He also has a secret. Tasuku is a reformed nerd. We initially see him a guy that wants to help Keita out when he sees Keita hanging out in the arcade alone. He sees a part of who he used to be in Keita and becomes friends with him over their shared love of games. We quickly learn that the cool, composed guy is a façade. He is just as confused and uncertain as most geeks. He doesn’t even know why his girlfriend, Aguri, likes him. He asks her and her answer has him question a lot about himself as he left a part of it to live as a “Normal” guy.  She told him she was in love with him since middle school, back when he was a geek, and changed her whole look to catch his attention in high school. He has a lot of problems processing the answer. Tasuku can’t understand how she could have liked the guy he used to be. The statement changes his once-shallow feelings for her.

Tasuku is the best wingman you can get. He is kind and understanding, but he is as dense and also becoming an insanity part of the group as he knows about Chiaki’s feelings for Keita, him trying to help Tendou with her jealousy while dealing with the fears of his girlfriend cheating on him. He is a coward and a flawed human, but that is why we can relate.

Aguri” is Tasuku’s girlfriend. The pink-haired girl isn’t exactly the smartest, but she has a kind personality. She’s not really a gamer and is more concerned with gossip, music and fashion, you know average “normie” teenage girl stuff. Aguri has a rather happy-go-lucky exterior, but her inner self is filled with anxiety that places her in a whirlwind of uncertainty because of her traumatic past and image change. She is sweet and loyal to her boyfriend, despite all the misunderstandings that lead other members of the group to think otherwise. Seriously, she change her entire image, learn to be romantic, learn how to dress up, change her hair and wore contacts. She did a 180 for a man been in love with since middle school. That to me is devotion, and best girl material.

Let sensei take over. In a way, she begins to take Keita under her wing to help him befriend the school idol, Karen. Her world begins to spin out of control from there. She sees Tasuku from the window of the diner where she is giving Keita advice about talking to Karen; Tasuku is acting very close to Chiaki. The shock causes her to drop two colas on the floor and generally freak out. Aguri and Keita then start spending a lot of time together trying to determine if Tasuku is cheating. The time together makes Chiaki think Aguri is cheating on Tasuku. Aguri, like a lot of the characters, is best experienced by her inner monologues filled with suspicion and jumping to conclusions. Her reactions are exaggerated and priceless. You just have to make sure you’re watching in a place where you can laugh out loud whenever you see her and Keita talking at the diner. ( I am wondering if a this anime dinner sponsor because they spent more time there then at game shops, competitions or the gaming clubs, OMG) She like Tendou has a lot of anxiety and jealousy toward her boyfriend’s interactions with Tendou and Chiaki. She may be cute but she still is as dense the rest.

Overall. Gamers is not an anime that is centered about gaming. You want that? I recommend Netflix High-Score Girl. Gamers is a romance anime that talk about gamers and try really badly to portray gamers. Watch it as romcom with game cherries on top.

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