Net-juu no Susume, Not SAO, but Romance Online

The anime, net juu no susume, starts off as a MMORPG parody, with some generic elements like the MC being a outcast and use MMORPG as a way to escape and found friends and love doing so. We also get some run off the mill jokes, similar to : Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta. However, slowly the game theme starts to fade away, to a point where it seems like a side aspect of the show. But in return, what we get to see later, that this is what of the best romance anime, with one of the finest pace of story progression and characters developments we have seen in a while.

Disclaimer. I and sensei have read about the director’s tweets about WW2 and the Holocaust. The tavern members don’t support those statements, but I and sensei are here to support a piece of work we love and enjoy. If anyone of you how a problem with it you can unsubscribe and leave. Sensei and I are really thankful for our readers, but we don’t tolerate butt-hurt discussions of social justice. This will be our stand for Globlin Slayer and Shield Hero. Please take that BS to twitter, facebook or Animenewsnetwork. We are not “heroes” that use keyboards. What the director did was not acceptable, but Tanteikid94 and I love this work and we want to share that love with all of you 

Now back to the series, I was expecting this series to be similar to the Hack/Signed series, where we will spend the majority of the anime following the main characters in their online game. But instead, Sensei and I got one of the most wholesome romance anime out there. So let’s start with the synopsis:

So cute

“For the first time since graduating high school, 30-year-old Moriko Morioka is unemployed—and she couldn’t be happier. Having quit her long-standing job of over 11 years, Moriko quickly turns to online games to pass her now-plentiful free time, reinventing herself as the handsome and dashing male hero “Hayashi” in the MMO Fruits de Mer. With the pesky societal obligations of the real world out of the way, she blissfully dives headfirst into the realm of the game, where she promptly meets the kind and adorable healer Lily. Befriending each other almost instantly, the two become inseparable just as Moriko herself becomes more and more engrossed in her new “life” as Hayashi. Eventually, Moriko adopts the reclusive lifestyle in its entirety, venturing out from the safety of her apartment only when absolutely necessary.

Ahh Go for it

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Moriko, a timid 28-year-old corporate worker named Yuuta Sakurai has also logged onto Fruits de Mer from the other side of town. Coincidentally bumping into each other at the convenience store one night, both write off their meeting as no more than just another awkward encounter with a stranger—however, fate has more in store for them than they think.”

[Written by MAL Rewrite}]

Now that you have an idea what this show is about, let’s talk about how we feel about it. Sensei? Ok, we all know as human we are social creatures, we can’t live alone without interacting with other humans: friends, family, acquaintances and amazing bloggers on the internet; wink wink* All these relationships can be tiring because we need to always be in control of our images, although this is not always the case. At school, we try to find out who we are, make friends and try to survive or thrive in this environment. Next, at work we must always do our job as best possible, to evolve in the company, to get satisfaction from our boss and get along with your co-workers. However, it only takes one wrong step to throw everything out of order. Okay, sensei, sometimes talking about a difficult can be well “difficult” Being a Neet in a workaholic country like Japan can be damaging. Humans cannot handle pain and the way to deal with it ís to start playing online games.

The anime, net juu no susume, starts off as a MMORPG parody, with some generic elements and run off the mill jokes, However, slowly the game theme starts to fade away, to a point where it seems like a side aspect, But in return, what we get to see a romantic story about a meeting someone.

The main character, Morioka san, is also a neet, who has left her job in the private sector and now dedicates her full time in playing RPGs and making new friends online. The interesting part is how she plays as a male character in the game, and some people despite knowing this, treat her as a normal person and not a freak, which comes to show the acceptance and etiquette of the internet, which to someone like her, is a safe sanctuary The show focuses on how she, by meeting new people, is able to come out of her shell and becomes a more social and active person in the society, which in other words means how she recovers from her neet behavior and finds love in her online game.

I have read some comments about how this scenario is not realistic, but that does not take away the point of the show; the point is that “There are things that anime and manga do better than real life” Nuxtaku. Yes, the reality suck, that not the point I am trying to make, what I am saying is that reality needs to learn from anime, we understand that it is easy to boost someone’s confidence, we just need to believe in them, but it so difficult to do so. Tanteikid94’s readers, you can say for certain that your soulmate won’t appear from random chance, so all I  ask of you is to have faith.

OMG, nosebleed

Now, we will talk about the second protagonist of the show: Sakurai Yuuta is a less attractive character than Moriko, less amusing. He is more of a normie because he adapted to his working conditions, handsome(damn him) and has a lot of money (2D damn)  He had a period of depression further to the death of his parents and has been living alone ever since. Yes, he is better at dealing with drama than Moriko, but that doesn’t mean he is flawless. He used online games have been a way to meet, chat with people. This is where things are interesting because online, Hayashi and Lily have absolutely no problems introducing themselves and immediately ingratiating one another into each other’s life while offline, Moriko rejects Sakurai advances and Sakurai is not a smooth or cute operator like his avatar. Moriko reactions are understandable because she can’t honestly believe that someone like him would actually be interested in her. Tanteikid and I, on the other hand, know that this they are suited for each other because of their online interactions.

That Face, it is that me?

The other characters are also not cast aside and they have a pretty well-developed personality to show and a good role to play. Characters like Koiwai, Kanbe have provided with help to both parties in improving the relationship with the other. Koiwai can be pushy, but I like him, sometimes you need a big push to take the first steps, that is what a wingman does, pushy, annoying and all.


The net game is a RPG fantasy. You have quests to succeed, monsters to fight, a guild where you find your friends. Nothing really original and the universe is almost unexplored, but this is understandable because the game is only a vehicle for our characters to meet.

It’s the sort of light pick-me-up that really highlights that, while not everything is going to go your way when you want it, you can still find happiness in little things even at your worst moments. The real reward is when you watch the last episode and realize how far they have reached from just being strangers, It still surprises me, or rather it shows the real power of online games, and how they are able to bring strangers closer to each other than one can imagine.

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