Tsurezure Children, Best romance anime, Come at me

Based on a four-panel web manga written and illustrated by Toshiya Wakabayashi, Tsurezure Children is all about young love. Taking place mostly in a high school setting, each episode follows two students as they either try to form, progress or even end a relationship. As any long-time anime viewer can tell you, romance anime can be annoying and off-putting; it is difficult to relate to a guy,  who has literally 5 girls all wanting to bear his child, but please don’t get your hopes up, he is very blind to their affections and will only see them naked, grape their chest, get beaten up by them, carry them home when they are drunk, misunderstand their romantic letters. Okay, stop, please get back to this series.

Okay,  sensei but a good intro is  important because it sets the tone of this post and our stand; You don’t have to get too technical, you are not that good of a writer anyway, so get to the point and tell our glorious readers why this is the “The best romance anime” before you piss off a lot of people with that pointless statement.

It is not pointless, I am getting there if you just let me. the show has a very colorful cast with all sort of characters. It has childhood friends, a tsundere, a delinquent, dominant guys, class representatives, stoic girl, drama club leaders, club members, etc. It’s like bringing together all the gimmicks you remember from high school days and stick them together. Each episode is only 12 minutes long, about half the length of your average anime episode, and in these shorts, there are usually 4 different stories about the hardships and struggles of young love. With 12 episodes, there are 48 different scenarios around one general subject. Love, between people, whether their stereotype, appearance or nature. Whether you are a nerd or a beautiful girl, you can still get together with a chance or the best wingman ever. I am talking a the frog-eye otaku and his glasses wingman.

Even if the characters fit the stereotypes mentioned above; it is through the pursuit of a romance that they can develop as characters and people we can see ourselves in. From the shy confessions of a boy and a girl, who clearly likes one other, but it too shy to admit it; a school president and a yankee girl; a ara ara senpai and a younger boy to name the ones I remember.  Watching these boys and girls struggle with dating is cute. It is amazing how couples developed. Some couples barely get five minutes of screen time, while the most popular ones receive maybe 20 minutes throughout the series. Yet, it is amazing how much character development is stuffed into Tsurezure Children. The stories mostly take place over the course of a semester, and that passage of time is reflected in the behavior of the students.

Or, you get to enter the season’s waifu wars, where men, women, and others fight for their “best girl” or waifu while the girls themselves fight for our MC. It is tiring and sad for us as we usually have a few girls that we like and feel cry when the one girl of the harem is picked while the rest are heartbroken. Shows like Highschool DxD and Trinity Seven are amazing because our MC gets everyone, but those are set in fantasy settings. Sensei, there is very rarely harem in real life; you understand what I really mean. Love Hina, Nisekoi, Ichigo 100, and A Certain Magical Index all have that one girl that will get chosen or was chosen while the rest cried their hearts out. We all want the girls to be happy, but there must be a choice in the end. By dividing the love into couples, there won’t be winners or losers, but just people in love.

Another great aspect of the show that you should watch, and it is for is a very special character. Nearly every named character is involved in a relationship. The only exception is Shinichi Katori, a third-year student who is the self-appointed Dating Master. One of the funniest characters in the entire anime season, he occasionally appears out of nowhere to provide some sage-like advice about romance, and the fact that he is is also a bishounen, makes his advice sounds credible, but he is an  idiot, whose advice is terrible, but Sensei and I love him to death. His appearance gives us a break from the teenager drama and a belly of laughs.

At only ten minutes per episode, Tsurezure Children is a quick sit. For some other shows, we might complain about wanting more, but this faster pacing greatly helps the series. There are no side stories (Shinichi Katori is a meme, so he does not count) It feels like small junks of edited sweetness.

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