ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka, Ikemen Running a Country While Smoking

This anime follows Jean Otus, the second-in-command of the ACCA inspection agency which is tasked with overseeing and monitoring the rest of the ACCA branch agencies. Sensei here, ACCA 13th are the internal affairs of this country. They are the watchmen of all of Dowa; therefore, they are not exactly likeable to every other organisation. Back to tanteikid94, thank you sensei. Jean often has business trips from the agency headquarters in the capital to the other 12 districts in order to review the situation and personnel there. We learn a few things about Jean, and his smoking habit is the first thing that is the most striking as cigarettes are very expensive. Yes we smoothly told the fact that despite his lazy and laid-back look, our MC,who smokes like a chimney, is loaded. More on that later.

The series is episodic, but we are also introduced to the “main” plot, the coup d’etat.
The first couple of episodes may be a tad bit boring because they focus on describing the world, introducing the characters and their relations but that is only to be expected of the first few episodes and in my opinion, they did a good job.

There is no amazing fight scenes or tear-jerking scenes. The series is written like a mystery novel. If you were a hard fan of the Joker Game anime that debuted in the fall of 2016, and had once stood with Miyoshi’s coldness, numbness, but before you could do anything, he kicked the bucket? Keep the fire you want to punch and pass it to Jean in ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka.

The presentation is what truly holds the show together. The chill atmosphere, the slender character designs animated in a softer fashion. The watercolour backgrounds giving a very surreal, yet enamouring aesthetic from the urban district to the desert district.

This is the type of anime where I probably wouldn’t watch again because guessing what would happen is a huge chunk of the fun, but for a first watch, it was pretty damn fun.

The main point of this anime mainly seen in the characters’ designs. Their generally taller, lankier builds give them an air of maturity, and the decorated ACCA uniforms – all black with gold and red accessories – up their professionalism. They do at times go for the classic multicolor hair choices – dark-blue hair for Mauve (which is quite ironic), green hair for Payne, pink hair for Moz.

Each district have a unique feel to them, you get. smooth hills, plain and grass. An underground civilization made of rock and stone Red tall mountain ranges; snowy forests. Beautiful flower gardens amidst Egyptian-esque buildings. Each district have a unique feel to them, you get. smooth hills, plain and grass. An underground civilization made of rock and stone.

Now, you have not seen the artistic representation of more localized spots like the cozy bakery, the stalwart castle, and the headquarters of ACCA Now, you have not seen the artistic representation .

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