Princess Principal, Spy Girls Fight in Old London

Welcome a apocalyptic; old London, England in the age of steam; however, this England is different to our own, This England is separated by a wall similar to East and West Germany. Nobles and Commoners are fighting each other to rule the country, and both sides decided to use spies to gain the upperhand in the war. The main reason for the war is the oldest story in the book; the stream technology was advancing the country, but only the nobles benefitted from this, while the common people keep getting poorer and poorer. One day a revolution occurred, and soon a war broke out. The wall was set up to separate the two nobles and the revolutionists

You are getting ahead of yourself shounen, you need to talk about the switch-up first. Yes, I forget to talk about the place-swapping between the princess and a commoner-girl. Yes, anime-watchers should know that for some reason if there are girls spending time together in Anime, there will be yuri happenings. These two swapped places, one became a spice for the commoners to gain access to her lover in the castle, but the new fake princess didn’t not want to run away, instead, she wanted to bring down the nobles with her lover’s spice crew.

Follow the journey of 5 girls: 2 spies, 1 princess, 1 maid and a Japanese ninja or samurai (sorry folks sensei is not entirely sure what she is. I bet my money on a ninja because this is a spy flick, but then her manner is more in line with a samurai to sensei. This is very different to the usual cute-girl doing cute things.

Let sensei warn you dear readers, the episodes of the show were not shown in chronological order. When you guys watch it later on this might change, but I would like you to kindly stick to the airing order because the sequence of an introduction episode, next a cast building episode follow by a world building episode then back to cast building again works. The show will dangle you in a cool spy mission with all five girls, then it spends time introducing them to you. The first couple of episodes are peppered with hints as to Ange and Charlotte’s relationship, and how they met each other, before we get a full episode launching into it. Ange’s quote ” I am an emotionless alien from the Black Lizard Planet” act is a front, but we are not sure why she does it, maybe to distance herself and keep her feelings for Charlotte in check? Charlotte’s relationship with Ange is a huge debate, as most only “Close friends” I have seen enough yuri-tone anime to know that there are romantic feelings there between them. The length that the take risk for each other, and the fact that Ange still agree with Charlotte request even if it means Charlotte will die if the pleasants win the war.

After Sensei’s favourite ship, we have Beatrice, who is the strangest in the group. She has no spy training, and is the most newbie to this world. She seems to be a protagonist from another show; the eager new member of the team trying to be the king of spies, but the catch is that she has not interest in the spy world. She just follow the whips of her princesses; although she has a ability to change her voice thank to a special voicebox implanted into her by father. She reminded of a little girl with her dog (from a certain metal alchemist) Lastly, Chise is to this show as Goemon is to the Lupin III franchise; apparently Japan does exist in this universe, and she fights with a distinctly different style from the other characters, She is a ninja. I want to see more of this world’s Japan. How their spies might be like Joker Game‘s spice network, but there could be more ninja warrior. Last we have the oldest in the group  Dorothy. She normally shows absolutely no interest in men most of the time, it’s kind of hilarious to me to see her simply “turn on her charms” full stop to get what she wants. In my opinion, the most effect weapon available to a woman; she seems to have no clear goal compare to the other girls. I can’t read her most of the time, but she is fun to see on screen.

The art fits and enhanced the setting very well. The characters were designed well, the animation was fluid, special effects were great as well. I think they did  a great job representing the steam-punk nature of the city. We get a sense of old London, a hub of the industrial-revolution, where this green material that allow people to flow into the sky. There were a lot fast action The animation is amazing because it showed amazing art for the actions and shootout in the dark. The anine did a great job with coloring of the nighttime vistas of the city and the wall are absolutely breathtaking. The show’s no slouch when it comes to daytime scenery, either, and the show effectively uses color contrast to draw a difference in the scenery inhabited by the ruling and working classes. It’s telling, I think, that the espionage gear that the girls use is all colored black and grey; obviously this has a practical purpose for staying undercover at night, but at the same time it allow for a contrast with the other areas of the city.

Princess Principal is definitely a amazing show: memorable cast, great steampunk world, kick-ass visuals. The ending left a lot of questions, but with a sequel announced at the time of this review, I feel that many of my questions will be answered. Sensei are looking forward to the second season? Yes, I am. I felt that 12 episodes wew not enough to do this series justice.

5 thoughts on “Princess Principal, Spy Girls Fight in Old London

  1. Did you watch the episode about Dorothy and her father and the one about the best spy in Dorothy and Ange’s year. Both of those cover Dorothy’s previous life pretty well.

    i thought this was a great series. The fact that most anime fans didnt like it doesn’t surprise me. Most anime fans wouldn’t know a good anime if they tripped over one 🙂

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