Youjo Senki, WW1 Germany Uses Loli to Take on The World

Now she is a recognise mage in the military, the power-hungery salaryman will use his knowlege as a high-level manager to gain promotion after promotion by leading successful military campaigns. She aims for a life of success, safety, and comfort away from the front lines of the war; then she will take her revenge on Being X, but the only catch is the fact that death is finally in this life.

Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil) uses a mixture of Ant-man and Doctor Strange. What Tantei means is that they took the MC’s soul and dropped in parallel history of WW1 to our own. Yes, it is brilliant because it has themes of faith, war, ambition, and loli. It organised the story in ways we never expect, we don’t get the full until two episodes in. We could have thought of Tanya as young blessed genius, not a iskaied-man.

Sensei, can you talk about theme of Tanya? Yes, tanteikid, leave it to me. We have a very consistent theme with this show, the theme of theism. From the dawn of human’s awareness and nihilism; we started to debate the nature of a higher power. and Tanya shows us this debate in a new interesting way. It makes this age-old feel relatable and insightful.

You talk about the art, kid. The art of this show is very vibrant, colours will fly across the screen in the forms of beams, bullets, shields, and explosions. Nevertheless, the art will become darker to show the bloody and grim nature of war. Fans of MYTH&ROID will be excited to hear that the group performs the opening for Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil) and have done what they do best.

Tanya is modern-japanese-man, yet you won’t find a hero of justice here or the lazy, but funny Kazuma. Instead you will find a highly calculative and compartmentalised loli. He/she admitted to us that he/she is an example of human depravity, bearing “every complex imaginable”. It is strange when we see a man who just see wars and another job to succeed in and get promotions. He/ she is very effective in their job, managing to whip their 402th Magic Battalion into a legend on the battlefield. They are worshipped by allies and feared by enemies.

Overall, Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil) is a viewing experience definitely worth having. It is a rare where the MC is the villain( well we did have Overlord. Tanya is evil, but you still want to praise her for her efforts. She is the symbol of true dedication to her work.

I just finished the movie, so I hop I can review that soon.

2 thoughts on “Youjo Senki, WW1 Germany Uses Loli to Take on The World

  1. Her past incarnation was indeed a Japanese salaryman, but with her new identity and situation, Tanya in my mind approaches the realm of Greek tragic hero: a powerful but flawed individual battling against Fate and gods just to survive. Singled out and persecuted across lives by a being claiming godhood, Tanya does what she must to try to change her pronounced doom. Personally, I’m cheering her on!

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