Imouto sae Ireba Ii, Light novels, games, and a little sister.

Imouto sae Ireba Ii follows the daily life of a professional novelist, Hashima Itsuki. He writes light novels of the fantasy genge; they have a strong emphasis on incestuous relationship,(This is due to a trauma involving a his crush on his babysitter). Hey, don’t interrupt sensei, and he has not spoken to his father in years because his father read his novels and was shocked by their content. He also has a busty kouhai named Kani Nayuta trying to bed him daily. Yes, an interesting life, when he not slacking off his work because of writer’s blocks, fantasising about imouto underwear, or ranting about weird things that would send him to mental asylum; he would say some insight things that caused me and Nyako Sensei to reflect deeply.

This series is weird in a good way, once you get past its weird title and its stigma; you will get a very deep series on par with SNAFU, Welcome to The NHK, and The World Only God Knows. Alll these shows, while a main character, also a strong colorful casts of characters that have a lot of heart. Itsuki’s younger step-”brother” Chihiro who lovingly comes to his home almost daily to cook and clean for him, his friend and fellow author Fuwa Hartuo, and his former college classmate Shirakawa Miyako who has a one sided crush on Itsuki.  Then, there the silver-hair, “best-girl”, Kani Nayuta. This is her pen name. Ladies and gentle otaku, we have complete cast. These episodes are slice-of-life, so not a lot of things happened, lewd things start off the episodeor a strange senarios for a variety of word-play board games that they played.

In Japan, Highschool seems to be the best time of one’s life, so anime not base in the usual highschool setting is rare, we were lucky to have two anime that deals with working life this season, abeit not very focus the working aspect, this and Eromanga Sensei. I would love for more Bakuman, Shirobako, or my previous reviewed: Sakura Girls, but as the age of anime watchers grow; there hopefully will be more of these kind of shows soon. These shows usually start with the MC struggle with an aspect of life. It could be love, work, family or a mixture. By the end of the series, hopefully they will get something meaningful for their journey. In Itsuki’s case, he has accepted his weird desires, has friends who accepted him for who he is; has a strong fanbase for his novels. Has an editor, who stands by him, even if they butt heads CONSTANLY. You start with a strange deviant of a broken man, but, by end of the series, we, the audience, will gain a respectable MC. He is not perfect, but then who is really perfect.

Now let us talk about the first attraction of the show, our waifu: Kani Nayuta. This silver-hair beautiful young woman, is this season’s top waifu. She is lewd, as lewd as any oji-san you can meet. She is very intelligent, despite not finishing highschool, so intelligent to become a famous author, The show’s cast is not, but Nayuta is just that strong a character.

She was a victim of vicious bullying during highschool; Nayuta’s life saw hope through Itsuki’s writing and was indirectly save her life through his quote: “I have never been good acadamically not good a sport, but I still follow a path to become a novelist” Sensei, please take it over for me. Nayuta was introduced to Itsuki by her publishers as a new writer. Shortly after this, she vomit on him to nerves, and when she and her editor came to return his clothes( which had been dried clean); she took the opportunity to confess to him( he rejected her the next morning).

Let sensei tells you, this girl is a genius. She has not finished high school, but were able to write a top-notch series that made her rich and successful. Her stories have a powerful on all her readers, to the point Itsuki is jealous of her. She does have a weird habit of stripping naked to write to the point her editor booked her a private hotel room to let write in peace. She also made other girls stripped when they came to see her. Yes, this is done for fan-service purposes, but the reason for this quirk was the bullying. It was so bad that she could not be comfortable to write in clothes. With so many positives in her court as a waifu; Tantei and I wonder why Itsuki could reject her.

At first, sensei and I just thought that he was just too obsessed with “little sisters”, but when we found out his reason for the rejection; I pump my fist into the air out-of-excitment. The man is a a true man; we won’t spoil the really reason because the explaination Itsuki gave was too epic.

Each season, there are at least 20 or something series about student life in high school, so it is a rare sight to to get shows of the salarymen/salarywomen, even rarer to have a show on the lives of creators in our much beloved anime industry, we follow three authors 1 artist, one mangaka, a few editors and one tax consultant avec cosplayer.

The show focuses on the sometimes harsh realities that go along with creating entertainment. It’s not all riches, and for the low to middle end of the spectrum, like this group is, it’s full of stress and is sometimes thankless.

The only outliers are Miyako, Itsuki’s former college classmate, and his younger step-brother Chihiro; they are drawn into the otaku world because of their interactions with the other members.

Episode 10 of the series offered the biggest laugh of the series. You get a table top game similar to D&D, and Nayuta imagination’s made the dirtiest game ever played, and this is why you need the uncensored Blu-ray. Naked characters, tentacle monsters and a perverted- game master.

Hashima Itsuki goes from being a disgusting pervert to a pathetic harem MC, all the way to becoming a living, breathing, human being by the end of these 12 episodes. Sure, it might seems fast, but there are examples of this in real life; people can change a lot if they meet and socialised with others( for the better or for worst). Humans are social creatures, therefore, we can easily change due to our interactions. Sensei and I were so amazed by this series that we started the light novels.

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