Alice to Zouroku, Alice in Wonderland living with adoptive family members

Relations to Through The Looking Glass can be easily spotting in the episodes; dream power Bunny, Wonderland, what experiments have been done; Who save save Sana?; how will she live a normal life na is known lovingly as “The Red Queen” by her friends in the show, and there are references to “Wonderland” throughout the show. Alice to Zouroku is not the first show to reference “Alice in Wonderland”, and probably won’t be the last. Alice in Wonderland references are in things like the “Resident Evil” and “Matrix” movies to name two. Alice in Wonderland also has many remakes and reimaginings, like the one by Tim Burton, and “Through the Looking Glass”; also done by Tim Burton. Alice in the show happens to be an alien or powers given to girls (always girls), while Wonderland is an alternative realm Sana came and created

Life is not easy for an old man, who already lives with his granddaughter, and runs a flower shop. This man lost his wife, son in law, and daughter. He should be bitter and sad. Nevertheless, when he was put in danger by stranger girl with powers. He still told to she is human, accepted her and took her in. He’s raising a young granddaughter, that flashback of his kids’ funeral and him comforting his granddaughter. Zoroku was a widow that runs a flower shop with two workers and lives with his granddaughter, Sanae. Zouroko’s granddaughter Sanae- is a mature, but easy –going girl. Her reaction to Sana’s adoption caused me to laugh and cry at the same time.

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There is emotional analysis in this show; Zouroku, is a old-man living a quite life, but life decided that he needed some excitement in it. Sana entered his life with a lot of baggage, but she showed him there is more to life than watching days passed by. Zorouko was given fear, a sense of adventure and larger love. Old ginger is still spicer so when Sana and her friends, who were lost, needed advice; Zouroku is here. He is cool old man- who drinks and smokes. Zouroku’s grandfather-like attitude towards insanely powerful beings who possess “Dreams of Alice” is impressively brave! Zouroku demands discipline, and the powerful Sana is afraid to go against his words. Even the other girls that coming after her were scared as well( old men are awesome in anime)

This needed repeating. Old men in anime rarely take a role as a main character, but when they do, they’re usually awesome.

The first arc of the show dealt with character introduction, Sana escaping from her lab, and her meeting with Zouroku, Japan’s army secret branch protecting Sana, and the others girls sent after Sana from the evil lab. Miraiam, a woman with powers trying to take Sena back from the evil organisation responsible for connecting Alice to our world. The first arc is also centered around, an older dream of Alice girl, professor Minnie C. Tachibana; She’s the chief pursuer of Sana for The Facility.

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Sensei is here; the second major arc follows Hatori, another Dream of Alice girl. With her power, she can command anyone within her vicinity to do whatever she instructs them to do. Those affected develop a greyish tint and a zombie-esque nature. Hatori’s power first manifested when she overheard her parents fighting with each other about struggling to raise her. She uses her powers to keep her parents from fighting… but at the cost of her power eventually having a permanent effect. With her parents left in a macabre, zombie-like state, Hatori brands herself an evil witch and runs away.

She is confronted by Sana, and had a battle of their powers, but she lost the and is taken to the facility. Where she landed in Alice, Sana and Zorouku chased after her. Zorouku, again played the role of the guardian by smacking her on the heard, giving her a lecture, and motivate Sana to control her powers to open the bridge connecting Alice and our whole, bringing them home. The world then

This anime is slow to start, so the three episodes rule don’t apply, give it 6 episodes instead. Trust me and sensei, you won’t regret your time with this magical slice-of life. Cute girls with powers to rule world, yet they just want to be normal girls. What does it mean to be human? When you look like a human, are you human? Zouroko, Sena and Miraiam. These people are the anchors that allow Sanae and learn how to be human.

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