Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Arc-V. A Good Callback to All the Duelling

Arc V’s is the Yugioh’s version of an isekai. Yuya, yes, he has the amazing hairstyle that seems to define gravity and the way their color scheme. You were taking about an isekai, kid. Oh yes, sorry sensei, Yuya(starts with a Y in the name again) Yuya, our MC is trnsported to 4 different world and face off with 4 different versions of himself. This is paying respect to the original series. This is anniversary show, so it brought back the different personalities the same body trope , but times 4. We also get card spirits again this show. I felt a surging apreciation of the card game again.

You can see almost from the very beginning we were building up to a sinister plot with stakes set to raise at any moment. Let sensei help you kid,The fact that Yuya “discovers” a new world. The first few episodes start by building that expectation and allow the views to get use to the world. Arc-V’s first few episodes appeared to try to balance an episodic and an overarcting story; the episodic parts serve to introduce in world that Yuya moves to each time. While the next few episodes deals with the mystery with pendulum summon.

Our rival for the series, Akaba Reiji, the new Kiba, is both a well written character and a unorthodox take on a rival. He is a spectacular duelist who as a result pushes Yuya to become a better duelist, but what makes him different to a traditional rival is his desire for Yuya to improve and surpass him. Unlike Kiba who to beat you Yami. Akaba can see Yuya’s potential and pushes him to reach that potential to fulfill his own objectives, making his rivalry with Yuya one of my favourite aspects the show. 

while it may lessen the shock, prepares the viewer when the time finally comes so it doesn’t feel like it came out of nowhere. There is a connection between all the dimensions,

Arc-V also has a great range of side characters, such as Sora, Shun, Selena, Yugo, Yuto, Dennis, and many more who each receive their own spotlight and development, with an absolutely compelling villain in the form of Yuri. Yuri remains me of Bakura, He dangerous, crazy and single-minded right, sensei? He turn people into cards when they lose. Oh, Bakura and Pegasus I missed you guys. Yuri actions over the course of the series makes him a true vjj

However I’ll be the first to say that Arc-V has too many characters for it’s own good, with some rushed character arcs and some underutilised characters. If you are a long time Yugioh fan, you may see some familiar faces, but if not, that’s not to worry as they can be treated like new characters (there is no continuity). 

It has been, It’s more dramatic and entertaining to view getting carded as getting killed. We’ve already had to take the huge leap that everyone in the world uses card games to settle warfare and disputes, so the show is continuing this age old tradition,. Cops instead of catching criminals with guns, challenge them to a duel. Duelling matches have evolved from sport into a spectating shows. The duelist has become part of the fight, moving around to get action cards, which are

I don’t really like the OPs, to be honest. The third and fourth endings were all right under their visual cues, because it’s always nice to see some goofy make-believe scenes of the Lancers and everyone relaxing.

Action Cards I can definitely see as useful when scripting a duel; things don’t need to align as perfectly and you can still show off your “cool” combos that you want your characters to do. You want to empower the hero and have your just-shy-of-OTK combo win the game? Give him an Action Card. You want to raise the tension up but the enemy’s deck archetype has no draw power? Give the enemy Action Cards. 

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