Kakegurui, Gambling is an excuse to make weird faces

The premise of characters attending an elite school where they hone their skills at a particular pastime isn’t exactly original, We had card games, video games, food, building models, or quizzes. In the case of Hyakkaou Private Academy is a school for the children of wealthy political figures, corporation presidents and major moguls. Because it’s imperative that these students learn good judgement and the art of manipulation for when they graduate, (Scary right? These kids will take over areas of our government, businesses, and global areas.)

This is a japanese anime, so of course the student council will of be running the show. In order to give the students the ability to rise to the top, but they also gave them punishments if they fail; they designed gambling games at night between students, and if students lose these games for a few times; then they will become the slaves to the winners. Like any elite group that runs their school, they are colorful and are motivated by different goals use different methods to achieve success. Each showdown between Yumeko felt exciting, but MAPPA didn’t give enough time for me and Sensei to get the members of the council before they were challenged.

Our story starts with Ryouta Suzui, a poor and cowardly MC, who is very bad at gambling( Anime and media has a tendency to make the opposite gender of the MC completely useless) He was quickly becoming a slave to Meari’s livestock, as her livestock and is called ‘Pochi’. A common name for dogs in Japan, lol. Until Yumeko Jabami, a seemingly naive and beautiful transfer student (Ah the cliches), is ready to try her hand at Hyakkaou’s special curriculum She is different to the other students; she enjoys gambling, for glambing sake; You mean an addict? Yes, she played for the stakes, the higher the better. Her abilities to take risks while keeping reading her opponents moves and thoughts keep her winning.

We found out that that her sister was caught in an accident. I thought she was a loving sister, who tried to save money for her sister’s treatment; you were wrong. Yeah, you get a scene of her throwing a suitcase of green on the sister hospital bed. We know that she is a high-functioning sociopath. Yumeko’s insatiable desire to gamble with the highest stakes possible–and that means taking on the ominous and seemingly-undefeated student council president. We all watch enough anime to where this will take us.

The main problem with Kakeguri is its focus: gambling. Yes, kid94, unlike tennis, cooking, quizzes and that japanese card game with links to poetry. You cannot get better at gambling through training. Isn’t there skills that you can develop like counting cards or cold reading, like in the Mentalist or Numbers? Well, there is a lack of the training arcs seen in so many shonen. Gambling is still a change based game in the end, so all the ropes and tactics are still dependent on chance; unless… Unless what tanteikid94? Well Nyako Sensei, unless you cheat. There are ever chances for Yumeko and Ryota to do something like train together after school or study special techniques like one might do in a traditional sports, fighting or card game anime; so each episode just felt rush and follows a straight format: Yumeko is challenged to game a, b, or c, get but in a disadvantage; suddenly, see through trick, and flip the table.  Kakegurui ends up hurrying to a climax that should have had more build-up.

The other problem with the show is, Sensei take over please? OK, the first season felt rush, each episode follow each other well enough, but there were only two episodes that focus on school life; while the other 10 were Yumeko’s bouts with the student council. This issue came from two places. One, Yumeko is OP, but she unlike Souma have true talent at gambling; therefore, she didn’t need to do training. The all-powering MC is not rare, but there is a need to have of side challenges, and there were not enough this in the series.

Kakeguri is a silly, but intoxicating anime that has all the making of something very special. Its over the top presentation, dynamic camera angles and stylist colors does a top notch of job building up the stakes of the games, and you will find yourself both rooting Yumeko and fear her insanity. The story being seemingly crammed into season 1 means that we never see Yukemo and Ryota truly develop by the time the ending credits roll, but there were development with her making a group of friends.

The fact that a season 2 has been greenlit should be cause for celebration. 

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