Tales of Zestiria 2, Ufotable’s Second Dose of Magic

Adapting a game into an anime is a difficult job, hey sensei? Why do you say that tanteikid94? Well, a game like Tales is usually about 50 hours worth of gameplay that takes a lot of investment to explore and conquer. Now, when you change the medium of this product to a show of 12 episodes you will run into a lot of problems sensei. So, what you are saying is that you didn’t enjoy this sequel as much as you did season 1? You said so, much to defend the season 1, and now you are abandoning ship. Lols.

I did not say I didn’t enjoy the show because of Ufotable back at it again with yet another beautifully finished animation that actually gave me the interest to see Sorey, Mickleo, Rose and Alisha again in this season. I love Sorey as a character. He is so positive, happy go lucky person that just brighten your day, and the friendship and banter between him and Mickleo are so adorable. Their friendship is a big element of the series

Unfortunately, tanteikid94, you have to admit that there is a problem with the show’s story; the muddiness and lack of detail in some parts of the story showed me just how difficult it is for you to describe Tales of Zestiria season 2 from a story sense. With the entire game adapted into roughly 25 episodes worth of material, many liberties were taken by Ufotable in order to squeeze it into this tiny, tiny runtime.

But sensei, it’s not just that the show was rushed, rather, the show decides to focus more on specific sections of the game (more specifically, the arc about our newest member, Rose) and run with that as the main brunt of the runtime. As an end result, the show ends up being extremely choppy and uneven in pacing, as there’s this huge jarring scene transition in the middle that turns it from a character-based story about our females characters, into an overall journey deciding the fate of the world. Plus sensei, to admit with yourself, you still was taken away by the environmental scenes, the rivers, land, rain sun and even the volcanoes at the last boss fight.

This anime has yet made me enjoyed the whole series even though some are changed in the ending, It is a nice anime to kill some time and enjoy and yet very amusing if the game continues.

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