Knight’s and Magic, Man’s Romance

Every man has a dream to get into the robot, yes we are better than Shinji. There is something amazing about getting in and piloting a giant robot. I also want to ride a giant robot. What can be more amazing then to die, and become a soldier to pilot a brilliant machine like your body.

Ernesti Echevalier used to be an extremely prodigious programmer who had a deep fascination with giant robot models. Unfortunately, in modern-day the mecha anime genre is dying, and we are not getting into the robot as time soon. What should you do? Well folks, Japan has the answer. You need to overwork yourself, die and be reborn as an ikemen shota.

Sensei, please talk about Eru, our Shota MC. Eru with his programmer background, finds the inner workings of magic insanely easy and does things that no one else in this world has even attempted before. Because of this and his understanding of how giant robots “should” function, he can create some amazing robots directly out of his wildest fantasies. He’s always leaving his peers and friends dumbfounded by his abilities, with his cute face belying his true strength. He has years of practice from making gunpla mecha.

While there is a very strong presence of traditional magic throughout the show, it is still very much giant robot-focused. The robots at the beginning are more magical weapons, but thanks to Eru’s influence, he begins injecting them with more Gundam-like characteristics.It is amazing for me to see a robot being craft from its materials. Things like weigh, weapons, load and pilot comfort need to be considered by Eru. He decided to craft a four-arm mecha; thus breaking tradition.

Ok Kid let me continue talking about the robots; Eru used modern programming, science knowledge and the most powerful weapon to humans: creativity. Eru explains and demonstrates the inner workings of his creations is entertaining.

The art on this anime, especially on the mechas, is amazing. Hear Sensei out okay, guys? The mechas are the CG, but their movements and designs are beautiful. They look like actual giant knights, very similar to Broken Blade. Yes, Sensei those metals swords are amazing. The sound of this anime fit in amazing with the mechas. We can hear the mecha’s fighting very clearly with it’s extravagant art. Along it, is the sound. The sound really defines how mechas smash to each other.

The first few episodes featuring the Behemoth were some of the most eye-pleasing anime I’ve seen in years

Knight’s & Magic has definitely thrown their gauntlet in for cutest male character rising the bar on the standard of traps. This show makes it so that we, the viewers, can do nothing to forget that. Throw in the overly affectionate Addy who can’t help but smother him in affection and a few jubilant cries of self satisfaction,  and you know where they are aiming. The producers can go further, but they made the right decision to stop there. The modest amount of cuteness.

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