Aho Girl

Yoshiko Hanabatake is an idiot beyond all belief. Yahoo, sensei this girl makes Nobita, from Doraemon, seem like a genius. She Somehow managing to consistently score zeroes on all of her tests, worst than Nobita from Doraemon And consumed by an absurd obsession with bananas. Her senseless acts have caused even her own mother to lose all hope. Only one person is up to the task of keeping her insanity in check: childhood friend Akuru “A-kun” Akutsu. Oh through from a flashback, we found out that she forced herself on Akun by kissing him. This girl is savage.

Based on the manga by Hiroyuki (from Manga-san to Assistant-san), AHO-GIRL is mainly about how stupid Yoshiko can be, with her neighbour Akuru Akutsu/best friend baring the blunt of her dumbness. Her mother Yoshie is worst than her because she wants Akuru to date her daughter in order to avoid a horrible fate of living with her daughter forever because Yoshiko is so dumb. Not even her classmate Sayaka, Yoshiko’s new friend,  and well-endowed student council president Fuki are safe from the moronic mass that Yoshiko tosses their way. And every week, this baka finds a way to raise the bar in the art of the baka-ness.

Sensei here. Each 12-minute episode is split up into 3-4 short segments, giving with a small slice of Yoshiko’s life. She plays with neighbourhood kids when she needs to study, rides a giant white dog. She also mạke attempts to grope Fuki when she gets frustrated by her chest size (for science). Get zeros on her tests, and I mean every test. I think even Nobita did better than her. Oh yeah, and eating banana more than the monkeys.

On occasion Akuru puts Yoshiko in her place, throwing her across the room, uppercutting her or giving her a well-earned German Suplex to the shock of his fellow classmates. And yet, even when she finds herself knocked out by the person she considers her close friend/lover; Yoshiko jumps back into her absurd way of life and hunts down Akuru like a wild animal hunting its prey and “tries” to plant a kiss on Akuru. She never growing to grow as a person will she? Not

Watching this I realised these people don’t know the concept of small in-door voices, Every talk is a shouting match to see who has the loudest voice. Yoshino’s voice actor must have had a sore throat after playing her because she increases her voice’s volume every time she gets a bit excited. This level of energy can be a little annoying to some people, but it makes the slice of life events in the show full of energy,

Sensei here, the art is normal for an anime like it. I can see them making the most out of their budget and their limited time with the artist changing the art style for the opening each week. As soon as the opening comes on, you know you will die of laughter in the next 15 minutes. It is a very creative use of its short runtime.

The opening theme is somewhat catchy, but it is like something you’d find in most comedic anime. Nothing special through here, but I am a bad judge of music. However, you will be laughing very hard like me and sensei just from the opening and its catchy tune.

If you just want to turn off your brain and laugh your ass off, this is definitely that show.. I was binging this all the way through.  I haven’t laugh so hard since Konosuba, so if you have about 15min to spare check this out; it will be one of the best 15 minute ab workout ever. Your sides will hate you but but your heart, soul and mind will thank you.

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