Dragon Dentist: OG OVA at its best

In a fantastical place called Dragon Country, there exists dragons ( not the European GOT versions; they look like the SEA versions to me) but more importantly, dragon dentists. These “warriors”/cleaner fight the bacterial monsters thriving upon the dragon’s teeth in order to keep the dragon healthy and functioning. Sensei here” Man if this was the USA or Europe the dragons would need a lot of dental coverage for all their teeth hey tanteikid94” Yes sensei, they would, but lucky for them they are not humans, let get to the review.

It is a It 90 minute ova with 45 minutes episodes. It is an alternative WWII epic, but the countries involved are not named.Why do the the dragons need dentists? Well, because these dragons are f*cking war machines and Dragon Country (to sensei, this is Japan) is at war with another nation.  But the dragons’ teeth are their greatest weakness, so the military works with “dragon dentists” who keep the creatures healthy because they have bug-like monsters called “cavity mushi” that plague them.

Nonoko is one such dentist and discovers a boy on top of a tooth one day. He is a soldier named Bell from the enemy country said to be reincarnated by the dragon. Sounds familiar right, it is a very simple story concept? It is, but it is also nevertheless interesting. Ryuu no Haisha tells a story about Nonoko and Bell (he joins their team as a dentist) as they fight monsters alongside their fellow dentists and discover the true reason behind the dragons.

A deeper story is hidden below this 90 minute ova, but it is something I still have not fully comprehended. What I think this ova has going for it and will be remembered for : its stellar art direction and animation. The conflict between the violence of war and the spirituality of the dentists finds visual expression in the costume and prop design: the traditional garb and religious rituals of the dentists vs. the buttoned-up rigidity of the military. What tanteikid94 is trying to say that watch Dragon Dentist not too much for the story, but the art and animation. Yes, a similar example of simple anime movies and series with jaw drooping animation are crazy anime are stuff from Trigger.

Dragon dentist has the majority of 2D animation, but its animation studio: Studio Khara also happens to be the home of some of the best 3D animators in the business. Studio Khara is made up of ex-Gainaxers like Trigger. the director Kazuya Tsurumaki, he is the protégé of Hideaki Anno and a longtime director at Gainax since 1990 as an animation with Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water; assistant director of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and a full-fledged director with the six-part OVA series, FLCL. I can feel the love he has for this series with the way he managed to incorporate both 3d dragons and hand-drawn characters. The director of an anime has a lot of influence on how good a show or movie becomes, and Kazuya Tsurumaki, shows his chops here.

Hiroyasu Kobayashi worked on the 3d directions showing that 3d animation can cover for 2d if done well. Without 3-D, anime would be harder to produce because there’s no manpower. The advantage of doing character design for 3-D anime is that you can start with the 3-D modeling, so the details can be added onto the model already.

 Akemi Nagao who work on the Gridman short and Ninja slayer series helped out here, so the scenes look amazing to look at and the contrast between the violence of war and the spirituality of the dentists finds visual expression in the costumes of the dentist and military. Where the militaries both use guns as weapons, the dentists fight mushi with red staffs that they transmute into scythes, spears, and more.

m a little disappointed that we’re only getting 90 minutes of The Dragon Dentist since it sets up a rich world that begs to be explored in more detail. We might get down the line and I hope we do.

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