“Akame ga Kiru” Now, I Die.  


After the manga has finally reached the epic confrontation between Esdeath and Akame, I thus decided it was time to watch the anime version of it.


The manga version of the fight was, without a doubt, one of the most breathtaking showdown I’ve ever seen. Esdeath was depicted as the embodiment of an unstoppable force through effortlessly fencing 1 million manpower + magical-device users and experts in all field of killing. To topple down the regime, to break the boundary of the physical laws of the world was to overcome this ruthless beast. But what makes Esdeath powerful is only partially thanks to her equipment, Demon’s Extract.

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My Experience Living in Japan – The Sun and its Dark Side.

The rest of this writing is unscripted. Just me lying in my bed and let my mind and hands do the work.

Last July-August, I had the opportunity to receive a 1-month internship in Hokkaido prefecture. And I wasted no time to learning the culture and many of Japan’s wonderful traditions, as well as its people. The below insights are composed from my Japanese boss, supervisor, coworkers, friends, hosts who I’ve stayed with, outsiders’ perspective like TANTEIKID94-kun, and my own opinions.

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Weekday Knights of the Round Table Bio – Sir Bors

Cheezu~! I can finally present to you my top 1 favorite of all-time knights, Sir Bors.

Bors the Younger comes to fame in literature through his deed in the Quest for the Holy Grail, in which he faces many challenges that tests his courage, vow of celibacy, and faith. Out of the three that goes to retrieve the Grail, he was the only one to return. Also, he is a major figure in the conflict between Arthur and Lancelot, siding with the later.

In the game, Bors lives up to her title “Younger” as she acts like the typical Japanese teenage girls with their swag~. She’d often go out and eat with her friends, mainly Lancelot and Mordred, participate in gossips, and super-hype about love dramas. Despite her knowledge in dating, she’s surprisingly a maiden at it. Hyu~ hyu~

Takes the MC twice to bond with her. The first time, she is too shy being seen naked and slaps my poor MC in response. While complaining to Lancelot about her unsorted feelings (Lancelot…just keeps on eating), Lancelot points out she is just using King Arthur as an excuse to justify her shyness, and….calls for the MC to swift Bors off her feet. And the love confession, begins!!! Hyuu~ Hyuuuuuuu~