What is Yugioh Duel Links? Why I am Addicted?

Disclaimer: I am taking a break from Duel Links at this time. to do other things. I am busy starting my first job, and a few family’s issues at the moment, so gaming is taking a back seat to these things. I don’t want to stop producing content for this blog, do I need to manage my time better. Until I can do so, my content will be quite irregular. Thanks, guys.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a free-to-play, virtual trading card game developed by Konami for iOS and Android devices,
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Microsoft’s new Xbox controller puts disabled players back in the game


I know that this is not anime and manga related, and I not a huge gamer myself. I only play VNs usually. @mistercrickster1 is the resident gamer on this blog. I do have a CP through, and to hear that a large company like Microsoft in investing in making a controller that gives gamers with disabilities a chance to play their favorite games is great news. This product is coming on sale this year, and I hope that it can bring more people together.

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Final Fantasy XIV: The adventure so far.


Back in 2010, Final Fantasy XIV was released onto the PC. In the shadow of its predecessor, Final Fantasy XI, fans had very high expectations and were thoroughly disappointed with the product. Causing the developers to do something very clever. Kill the game, spectacularly, and use the cataclysm to set the scene for an improved title. Hence came Final Fantasy XIV 2.0, more commonly known as A Realm Reborn, released in 2013 and to this day stands as on of the best MMO experiences available. Continue reading

Final Fantasy XV

The wait for this game was long and cruel. But after waiting almost a decade, we finally got our hands on the latest epic adventure. Living up to its predecessors, Final Fantasy XV has its fair share of twists, turns and an exciting original storyline. However, it has also been met with much controversy over the array of new features that bring the series in line with the modern industry.

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