“Akame ga Kiru” Now, I Die.  


After the manga has finally reached the epic confrontation between Esdeath and Akame, I thus decided it was time to watch the anime version of it.


The manga version of the fight was, without a doubt, one of the most breathtaking showdown I’ve ever seen. Esdeath was depicted as the embodiment of an unstoppable force through effortlessly fencing 1 million manpower + magical-device users and experts in all field of killing. To topple down the regime, to break the boundary of the physical laws of the world was to overcome this ruthless beast. But what makes Esdeath powerful is only partially thanks to her equipment, Demon’s Extract.

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Any anime fan worth his/her salt has come across Steins;Gate at some point. The theme of time travel consequences piques your curiosity immediately, whilst the events that unfold drag you through an emotional journey that you weren’t expecting. You show me someone who says they did not enjoy it, and I’ll show you a liar.

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My Experience Living in Japan – The Sun and its Dark Side.

The rest of this writing is unscripted. Just me lying in my bed and let my mind and hands do the work.

Last July-August, I had the opportunity to receive a 1-month internship in Hokkaido prefecture. And I wasted no time to learning the culture and many of Japan’s wonderful traditions, as well as its people. The below insights are composed from my Japanese boss, supervisor, coworkers, friends, hosts who I’ve stayed with, outsiders’ perspective like TANTEIKID94-kun, and my own opinions.

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12 Days of Anime – [2] Hibike! Euphonium

A really good review of the show.

Anime B&B

The audition: terrifying, exhilarating, and honest. You face the judges, but most of all, you face yourself–your progress and shortcomings. Most musicians undergo countless number of auditions. I auditioned in high school, several times in college, and in competition. In Hibike! Euphonium, Reina and Kaori must audition for the solo part for their band’s competition performance. The first trial is closed, with student and instructor alone behind the door. With the rumors that crop up after Reina’s win, a second trial is then held on stage before the entire group.

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Aoharu x Kikanjuu

This show is a serious version of Subagebu. It is reverse trap combines with survival game. At the start of the series, we see Tachibana, who we thought is a he is actually a she.  She has a strong sense of justice and bloodlust which makes her a ideal player for SG(Survival Games). It is sometimes very difficult to see her as a girl with her attitude and looks. I was seriously thinking I was watching a BL show at times. It almost is funny how she “forgets” to tell the guys about her gender, but later decides to prove herself to TGG and change their mindset before revealing her gender.

The most enjoyable part of the show is of course the SGs. Tachibana has this natural blood-lust similar to yandere characters that makes her a natural SG player. This potential, unfortunately, is coupled with the fact: Tachibana is horrible at shooting. Her combat sense and blood-lust only manifest itself during moments of danger or iron-clad convictions.

Yukimura’s initial and outright dislike for her was comical in its shallowness, and I was laughing at Tachibana willingness to trust in Yukimura opens up his personality. The icing on the cake was his willingness to share his eroge with her.

Psychological anime

What is a psychological anime? An anime that has to deal with the psychology of the characters like Welcome to NHK. The story’s protagonist , Saito is a 22-year-old hikikomori and NEET of nearly four years. He is highly unstable, easily manipulated, obsessive, and often blames the N.H.K. conspiracy, a fabrication of his mind, for his shortcomings. He lives in a rented apartment, but depends on his parents’ allowance to live. Within the novel and manga, he engages in fairly hard drug use, which is the cause of his delusional visions.

Anime is too hard-boiled

As there are a anime in recent years that has become darker and edgier than the anime before, but when it is too dark? When you look at a genre, edgy or hard-boiled anime is usually link with a specific emotions: fear, action and suspense. Then when it comes to the audience to experience these emotions, it’s difficult to feel it strongly while watching a show. Who has ever said that a show has too much action or too much humour? No One! Not everything will be funny or action pack for everyone. Different things resonance with different people, so we as an audience need more than simple surface things  to captivate us. We need more than our daily dose of feels.

A good story needs to speaks to the audience within their emotion and can conveyed a clear narrative while allowing them to read between the lines to think for themselves. A great story must allows the audience to take something away with them, but it doesn’t need to over-filled them with all of the emotional spectrum. An anime that doesn’t what it is and what it trying to do has already failed.  For example, a threat in to a city should be take serious, and not be off- balance by humour or fanservice. Shows like Hellsing, Soul Eater and FMA all have humour in them, which I do find funny, but too overuse. Dark comedy should be and make use of the characters actual emotion not to make it of character.

This happens a lot of time in harem comedies too when there are too many sub-plots in the shows to actually get anywhere. We as the audience ship these relationship even if they are forgotten a few episodes.

There are too much anime that put the feels down your throats. The show should be a well- crafted experience not only feels. We need to be able to use an imagination to judge a series.