Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season

This world of Shirayuki’s is a strange one that doesn’t really fit into any expected genre despite its original shoujo audience. This is the continued story of a determined young woman with clear goals for the future. Themes of love and personal growths present as in a typical shoujo, but Shirayuki journey with Zen, Obi, Kiki and Mutsuhidi is full of adventure, suspense and political dancing both in the literal and metaphorical and comedy. As simple as this anime appears episode to episode, there’s a wealth of emotions and experiences to learn from.

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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Yes, my prays have been answered in the form of  Akagami No Shirayuki-hime. A fantasy driven anime with a kick-ass female character. This is want I need while I wait for  Soredemo Sekai and Akatsuki no Yona seasons 2. ( that red hair). Shirayuki like her predecessors from the above series, stands for  a group of female characters rarely presented in this media: the strong female character. Another unique thing about her is that she is a herbalist, who continues to better herself through learning. Some similar practitioners who spring to mind include Tanda of Seirei no Moribito and, to a certain extent, Yun of Yona.  Similar to Yona’s world, Shirayuki’s red hair is  rare; this makes her stands out  in her travels and caused her some problems. The fact that she is working  class makes it easy for people to approach her, but also take advantage of her.

In the start of the series, Shirayuki becomes the object of desire for the prince and ends up abandoning her practice and home to avoid his advances. The bravery it takes to go out on her own is already impressive, and when we later see her confront the second prince and his bodyguards, we again see that she is not one to be restrained by fear. With one hard smack of her own arm, she convinces both the viewer and Prince Zen of her good character.

This series is not your typical romance series, where one of the MC falls in love with the other and tries to win their heart throughout the series, No!!! Shirayuki steps onto the plate and want to improve herself, so she can stand alongside prince Zen. There is clearly love between the two, but they don’t take it over the top, and shows respect for each other.