Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! More Magical girl action


So if you have been reading my blog for a long time, you know that I am a big Fate fan, so of course I will be reviewing the third season of this spin-off series about magical girls collecting cards.

This doesn’t look like Fate/Stay Night through?  Oh, you guys are talking about the fate there are magical loli girls, instead of the usual men and women fighting in  a holy grail war? Well, I did say this was a spin-off and the third season. This series in set in an alternative where the fifth war never happen, and you need to watch the other seasons before this one. Warning, this is the darkest season yet, and this post is a huge fan biased.

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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz!

After finishing Fate Stay Night, this series is what fills the void for me. The shows serves a humorous and strange approach to the Fate IP. There is no long-winded speeches by ridiculously idealistic heroes, and I find the fight scenes just as entertaining. The battles in the show has it own share of good directing and visuals, and there is a further development in the cast of characters.

The third season opened up with some yuri action. I think the show doesn’t need its yuri scene to be entertaining, but I can see it as a added bonus of the show.  Mimi reactions to this is priceless. Herz is not diving into the action right away, but instead focuses on the life and fun of elementary school girls. We even got a beach episode, but doing fanservice in a earlier episode as it doesn’t break flow when the action kicks in.

The Hero

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Today, I want to have a look at what it means to be a hero. I will be using the character Shirou Emiya as the primary example because I am a huge Fate fan.

Any one, who has seen Fate series knows of Shirou Emiya selfless personalilty. Shirou, as a character, has deeply an empty personality and buffered from tremendous survivor’s guilt due to the trauma he suffered in the great fire. In his mind he is constantly tormented by the fact that he being the only survivor, it is unfair to the decreased to put himself above others in need. His life is then warped by this guilt so much that he can only worth in helping others without reward as the act of giving is the reward in itself. Shirou constantly questions the works of fate when some people survive and some don’t. Thus, Shirou will constantly get himself injured or put his life on the line to “save” someone without a second thought. Those around him tries to correct this fault without success.

He often sit with Kiritsugu when his father was alive, and listened to how Kiritsugu used to battle to protect the innocent even at the cause of his love and humanity.
Kiritsugu express deep regret in the fact to save a life another must be given in its place. “To want to save someone is also wanting their harm” was what one of the things Kiritsugu said to Shirou. Although Kiritsugu is tormented by his failures, Shirou admires his efforts. Shirou adopted his father’s ideals and strive to become a “hero of justice” in Kiritsugu place even at the cost of his own life. Shirou then only has these ideals and chosen a paradox way  of life to save others even at the cost of his life.

For this example, is justice a false ideal created to justify the ego of humans? Are there no such things as heroes in this world? It there even hope in living a honest life and help others?  Or it is ok to hold on this fleeing dream and move forward? You decide.

English Brave Shine

Now, it’s only a dream, a single wish
But it’s in these hands that take aim and miss
I fight it, but I can’t wake up

I was given a vision of the end
But it’s here in these hands that cannot mend
And the memory will haunt me for all eternity

How can I destroy my weakness? ‘Cause I wanna be stronger
I need to keep them all safe, but I lack the power
If we learn to wield our flaws, then the future will be ours

If you need a hand to hold, then STAY THE NIGHT
On the darkest of my days YOU SAVED MY LIFE

Far beyond the razor-edge of your blade
There lies a prayer that will surpass –
A dream I know will last throughout time

Never give into that ungodly night
What good is a star that has lost its light?
I watch as they fade one by one

We are on the same road, both you and I
Like two planets, we are bound to collide
And we can’t see or break free beyond our destiny

I’ve fallen victim to my weakness, in my haste to be stronger
I somehow lost it all in my hopeless bid for power
Time will leave me, I don’t mind – It can leave us both behind

As the constellations fall and turn to dust
We collide and burn until the BREAKING DAWN
Far beyond the dream we carved together
The vow we’ve made, it’s kept me strong
It’s been here all along… here in my hands

How can I destroy my weakness?
‘Cause it’s always in my way
If we learn to wield our flaws, then the future will be ours
And we can relight the stars

If you need a hand to hold, then STAY THE NIGHT
On the darkest of my days YOU SAVED MY LIFE

Far beyond those endless nights of heartache
There lies a prayer that will surpass –
A dream I know will last throughout time