“GOD EATER” Kicking Up the Summer Views by Savage

Finally, I took some of my time from socializing on League and the outside to laze myself on one of the big-shot of this summer season, GOD EATER.

Originally, I was gonna marathon through it, but…who could resist ufotable’s next-gen visual graphic. Plus, I love the game. I never was a big fan of Monster Hunter. Instead, I dedicate myself to this smaller franchise of multiplayer battle area instead. Same concept, better story and battle mechanics, why not. Adding to the fact that I spent more than 50 hours of the game on my PSP, I finally watched the show.

One word. Gorgeous. Not enough clue? How about…the 5mins at the start makes me gaping in wonder of how good the prologue is, the middle 10mins shows how beautiful the animation effects and transitions can be (though…there are some funky mistakes), and the last 5mins…renders me breathless. Majestic.