Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, Your Teacher Has an OP Right-Hand

Okay,  just felt like it would be great to give you a short glimpse on this anime, since I’m that kind of person who needs to be reassured that an anime is worth watching, and that’s usually by checking out trailers or reviews (mostly to see if there are any positive reviews, because I mostly watch non-popular anime). Either way, is it worth watching? Yeah, definitely. Jump in as soon as you can, so you keep up with the flow and don’t need to do an all-nighter as I do all the time when watching anime.

You guys really are idiots.” Words of gold.

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Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu

The second season of Arslan Senki is without a doubt better than the first season even if it was such a short run. This season is better as we got more actions, fights and the fight to become king. Medieval war increasingly fierce, Arslan and his friends have mastered Peshawar region, and many threats of war from all other kingdoms,war not rely solely on the number of cavalries, but it takes a mature strategy, as a result of success and not many downsides.enemies of the other kingdoms and rise of soldiers from both his own father and Hermes.

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