Are Memories really plastic?

As I was watching the final episode of Plastic Memories. I want to know if people really can treasure their memories and experiences? What happens if we suddenly ” restarts” and become a new person? From the moment, we lay eyes onto another we will judge their  career, or role in society, and assign them a place in our minds. Rarely, do we change our views of that person as a person, with a life outside of the of such a mod we made.

We all do this, even with our own family members.

I view my father as only that: the father of me and my brother. Until one day, I went with him to work. I saw a man, who is intelligent in his business decisions to give me and my brother a good education, and a kind friend, who supports his friends.

Plastic Memories, through the Giftia explores this idea of the reincarnation: what were their role in their past life? Who are they now? It almost seem like Buddhism and sci-fi had a child in the form of this anime.  Tsukasa Mizugaki is newcomer to field of Giftia retrieval by “destroying” their memories at the end of a nine year cycle.  It is a setting of for emotional drama and social commentary – especially with how corporate everything is. Some episodes are a bit slow, but the show still manages to ask the question: what does it  means to start all over to you and those left behind?

Tsukasa and his Giftia partner Isla’s first order of business is to retrieve Nina, a model who is about to expire, from a woman named Chizu Shirohana. It is abundantly clear to both us viewers and Tsukasa just how close Nina and her owner is despite having no blood relation or Nina being a machine. This situation clearly illustrates that some times blood is not the only thing that makes a family.

In the episode, Nina shows a great deal of how losing her memories will affect her grand mother rather than worrying about losing her sense of self.

Some times, the saddest thing is not forgetting, but that flickering of remembrance and felling like you lost a bit of who you are. Plastic Memories has shown me that the end maybe painful, but as long as there are people who each remembers a small part of who we were and while we are alive to keep create memories real and plastic with the people we love. Plastic Memories gets it right. Simply spending time with one another can be heartbreaking, but so important.