Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni; cheating With your Smartphone

Kirito On Steroids. He has op powers, black hair and a harem. Is that you Kirito-san?

If you didn’t know I have a soft spot for harem shows. I know they can be mech mech to watch, but I still love them none the less.

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Nijiiro Days

At first glance, one would think that this is a yaoi anime, but even without the “shounen-ai” tag, it’s not. It’s one of those rare romance anime where the main characters are the same gender, but the romance is heterosexual. When I first saw this anime, I thought probably the same thing as anyone else who was unfamiliar with this anime before it aired, “This is going to be another borderline-yaoi anime, is it?” Then, I read the description, and my curiosity was piqued. For that reason, I ended up watching it when it premiered, and I must say that it was a fun anime to watch.

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