Diamond no Ace 2

Again we return to this amazing baseball anime that has a gripping story formula like season  in the form of reaching Koshien. While also allowing  the addition of new characters adds more spice to the story which continued from season 1. One of the notable additions would be Coach Ochiai. Which I won’t go into because of spoilers.

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The flow of Kyoukai no RINNE works pretty well for the most part of the show, which is pretty impressive when you consider that they literally took chapters from all over the manga and placed them in a completely new order. By doing this, stories no longer feel random, but instead, progress one to another. That’s not to say that all of the episodes are linked, but there is a natural feel to how things progress. This effort by Brain Base that allows for a better sense of growth and development from the characters. I really applause Brain Base for putting time and effort to do this. The randomness of the manga was the reason that made me dropped it.

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Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken 2

I was quite hype for this short to get a second season as I really enjoy the first season. This sequel actually has a more serious tone than its prequel. There was more episodes with easier to follow storyline and see-able progression. This has less of its original slap-stick comedy, because of its more serious outlook following Kaoru’s pregnancy and the couple life together. It is sad to less of the silliness, but I think this is a good progression of the show making use changes a family goes through as they welcome a new member into their life.