LoveLive: School Idol Festival

Every anime fan knows exactly who these girls are. Some of us aren’t proud of it, but we can’t help but feel the energy as soon as we hear those catchy tunes and see those familiar faces. If you’ve watched the anime (Sunshine included), you’ve been met with  fun and friendship, as well as feels and frustration. But don’t worry, it’s all smiles from here… Continue reading

Weekday Knights of the Round Table Bio – Sir Bors

Cheezu~! I can finally present to you my top 1 favorite of all-time knights, Sir Bors.

Bors the Younger comes to fame in literature through his deed in the Quest for the Holy Grail, in which he faces many challenges that tests his courage, vow of celibacy, and faith. Out of the three that goes to retrieve the Grail, he was the only one to return. Also, he is a major figure in the conflict between Arthur and Lancelot, siding with the later.

In the game, Bors lives up to her title “Younger” as she acts like the typical Japanese teenage girls with their swag~. She’d often go out and eat with her friends, mainly Lancelot and Mordred, participate in gossips, and super-hype about love dramas. Despite her knowledge in dating, she’s surprisingly a maiden at it. Hyu~ hyu~

Takes the MC twice to bond with her. The first time, she is too shy being seen naked and slaps my poor MC in response. While complaining to Lancelot about her unsorted feelings (Lancelot…just keeps on eating), Lancelot points out she is just using King Arthur as an excuse to justify her shyness, and….calls for the MC to swift Bors off her feet. And the love confession, begins!!! Hyuu~ Hyuuuuuuu~

Weekday Knights of the Round Table Bio – Sir Palamedes

This is pretty late, but it’s better than never.

Sir Palamedes is the love rival of Tristan for the affection of Iseult. According to legends, Palamedes has a cunning and jealousy personality, and very scheming. Knowing he could never win her love, Sir Palamedes devised a plan to poison Iseult to prevent Tristan from taking his love. To end it all, Tristan had to suffer witnessing his lady died, blaming himself for her death.

Top 2 with Balin in my favorite knights. In the Eiyuu*Senki universe, Palamedes is a bit quirky, and I love this part of her. Her specialty in combat is poison that deals in current health percentage, which is great in chunking out boss with high health bars. Her affection for the MC spans from watching him and King Arthur in the act. Curiously, she poisons the MC and forces him into coitus (that’s without consent, so, don’t do it, kids). And then, love blooms from there. A very jealous love.

As the MC displays kindness and acceptance of her personality, Palamedes…falls madly for him. Considering herself his (poison) wife, she prevents anyone, except for Arthur, to be near him by her skillful use of poison. She’ll not hesitate to even kill Tristan off, and…holy shit…she would if the MC does not stop her.