Aoharu x Kikanjuu

This show is a serious version of Subagebu. It is reverse trap combines with survival game. At the start of the series, we see Tachibana, who we thought is a he is actually a she.  She has a strong sense of justice and bloodlust which makes her a ideal player for SG(Survival Games). It is sometimes very difficult to see her as a girl with her attitude and looks. I was seriously thinking I was watching a BL show at times. It almost is funny how she “forgets” to tell the guys about her gender, but later decides to prove herself to TGG and change their mindset before revealing her gender.

The most enjoyable part of the show is of course the SGs. Tachibana has this natural blood-lust similar to yandere characters that makes her a natural SG player. This potential, unfortunately, is coupled with the fact: Tachibana is horrible at shooting. Her combat sense and blood-lust only manifest itself during moments of danger or iron-clad convictions.

Yukimura’s initial and outright dislike for her was comical in its shallowness, and I was laughing at Tachibana willingness to trust in Yukimura opens up his personality. The icing on the cake was his willingness to share his eroge with her.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz!

After finishing Fate Stay Night, this series is what fills the void for me. The shows serves a humorous and strange approach to the Fate IP. There is no long-winded speeches by ridiculously idealistic heroes, and I find the fight scenes just as entertaining. The battles in the show has it own share of good directing and visuals, and there is a further development in the cast of characters.

The third season opened up with some yuri action. I think the show doesn’t need its yuri scene to be entertaining, but I can see it as a added bonus of the show.  Mimi reactions to this is priceless. Herz is not diving into the action right away, but instead focuses on the life and fun of elementary school girls. We even got a beach episode, but doing fanservice in a earlier episode as it doesn’t break flow when the action kicks in.