Qualidea Code

Qualidea Code

Qualidea Code is pretty standard, but not unbearably standard. While the character designs may look generic even if it wasn’t produced by the A-1 picture and the clothing simply a school setting for a sake of simplicity in not giving them unique clothing…
The anime isn’t actually a school setting anime and instead focuses on six characters divide into three groups which run and defend their respective districts.

Qualidea Code

The characters there’s not much to them in terms of personality, but their interactions amongst each other can be amusing. At the same time, the anime seems to be self-aware poking fun at Suzaku and his A-1 Pictures predecessors with bad social skills. (Seen in Episode 1)
One thing I didn’t like about Suzaku was his character development. For one; the direction of his character development can be seen a mile away. Egotistical guy grows to trust his comrades. K.
But it’s when he first goes into this “emo” phase which I found cringe partly due to how sudden it was, but aside from that scene, his phase is handled nicely.

Getting to Canaria she is the only person Suzaku cares, but still gets chided by him for what comes off as her fakeness with her peppiness.
In terms of Canaria’s character her gimmick is having a gimmick. Alongside that her World is of interest painting a nice picture of the maiden who sings during battle literally setting a soundtrack. (I’ve never seen Guilty Crown btw.)

With that Suzaku and Canaria make an interesting pair with how you’d think the two wouldn’t get along since Suzaku’s an ego maniac, but you have to note he became that way because he hated his own weakness and want to protect Canaria.
I’m a sucker for characters of his type. I found it funny when he felt so superior he couldn’t remember the name of a blue-haired girl named Aoi before finding out she had a useful ability. Or his policy for answering phone calls.

Overall in terms of comedy, it does a nice job not trying to be in your face. The jokes are more quirky than funny which gives it charm.
Next, I’ll bring up the sibling from the Chiba District.
Kasumi is made to be the rival of Suzaku and is opposite to him. Where else Suzaku is always serious, Kasumi doesn’t care or so he appears. Again in contrast to Suzaku he doesn’t look for recognition and acknowledges how he has his position due to his sister’s influence. His sister claims that it is actually beneficial that the two butt heads due to Kasumi’s way of interaction. Being Kasumi’s sister Asuha knows how to get under his skin and teases him a lot. Naturally, the two care about each other, but Asuha rather confused on a romantic level, but Kasumi on the other hand purely see her as a sister. And in that sense, it may be fair to say that Asuha’s affection is natural with her brother being the only one she has at her side.

Finally, it comes to Kanagawa district. Similar to Canaria, Maihime has this gimmick character of the hyper leader who’s overpowered. And Hotaru who has this disciplined gimmick, but who is doting of Maihime and admires her. These two really don’t seem like they should go together, but as friends, they are convincing. When the story focuses on them it plays well to the suspense that Hotaru isn’t going to make it only for it change the meaning of Hotaru arriving or not.
Despite their base Maihime, in particular, receives good characterization.

They hired Claris, Garnidélia and Lisa for the OST, and the fact they  are great singers makes this the best part of the anime.

Qualidea code not bad as many speak, and not too good with some can defend, but I think your current note and just really a shame the anime was not an good animation/better adaptation, because in my eyes this anime had a potential and he certainly was not well used.

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