Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho. Eternal Loli Falls for Beastman

A story about witches, mercenaries and war that is not set in a high school. What else is there to say for you to watch? Yes, Tanteikid, this is not an isekai anime or a highshool fantasy; this is actual fantasy.

We first are brought into the middle of a witch trial. We learn that in this world witches are fighting a war against normal people (please don’t hate me, but is this not Harry Potter?) Well, this is more about witch trials in the 15th century). Humans always fear the unknown, but the witches abilities to cast spells caused their prosecution. The difference in this world is that the witches fought back. Apart from actuals wars, there are also children born in the forms of beastmen as a curse of the witches. Serve those humans right, but I still feel bad for the children. They had to bear the sin of the forefathers/foremothers, and got treated with discrimination. Humans are truly the worst.

The Mercenary is a white tiger beast-man, who liked the rest of his kind are hunted by humans and witches for his body materials as they are valuable for rituals or as goods to be sold. On the run, he ran into a loli witch named Zero, who unlike other witches don’t want to kill the Mercenary. Zero is on a journey to find her grimoire and her colleague Thirteen. She employed the Mercenary to be her bodyguard with the payment of turning him into a human if he helped her. We found later that Zero is much more powerful than initially thought, yet our beast-man chose to stay with her to keep his promise.

Sensei here, Mercenary is more a tough and rather stern individual until he grew more acquainted with his master, Zero, and breaks out of his shell. He is different from other beast fallen since he doesn’t use his look and or position as a soldier to get what he wants. He has a simple dream of wanting to open his tavern.

Zero is a young magician who might easily be the most powerful magician in the world of the show, seeing as how she made the spellbook that most witches used, and that action led to many people throughout the land learning how to use magic. She try to control people with force and enormous strength though, and she is more kind-hearted. It đintake a whole lot to please her She is kind of cunning though and she teased Mercenary a lot. If you stressed it a bit, you could say their relationship is a shotacon relationship since one is 13 (Mercenrary

Albus is an ok character, but she doesn’t have as much of an impact as the three I mentioned above, and she just kind of seemed to be present at many times without there being a need for her.

Thirteen is kind of a basic antagonist and trouble is always around him, but he does a good job at being part of each side of the war he basically started, which is not something many antagonists can pull off. He does all this for Zero and witches. Sensei here, I have a different

As for the art, pretty standard, it looks good but compared to most other Japanese anime it doesn’t stand out, expect fluid animations and effects. The one bit that I do think they did well for art is probably the characters which are relatively detailed.

Music is great, I love the opening. The ending is calm and relaxing (though not exactly my sort of thing) and the beginning is more than capable of sending the mood. That being said due to the lack of action/emotional scenes so far it hasn’t had a really good chance to stand out.

My enjoyment earns a 7/10. I didn’t always like every episode as much as another, but overall, I had a fun time watching the anime and some of the scenes were really good.

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