Dagashi Kashi

Simple Pleasures in a single wrapper! I knew I would enjoy the promotional art and the AV. The subject matter, setting, and comedy joined together to make this wonderful new flavour of  Umaibo.

The story of this anime is nothing groundbreaking, it could even be considered slow in many  cases. We have four teenagers and one man going about their daily lives while teaching the viewers about the strange world of Dagashi. They showed us  the flavours, textures, and histories of each candy through the episodes, and that was the whole show.

We go nowhere and accomplish nothing. The one possible motion for change comes in the wide-eyed, big-busted, overly excited Hotaru, heir to major snacks company Shidare Corporation, who is determined to stay in the countryside until she can convince Kokonotsu to inherit the family snack shop so she can whisk away his father, a man rumored to have amazing senses for dagashi.

I really did watch the show for laughs and to learn about the history of the varieties  snacks–most of them unheard .

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