Natsume Yuujinchou Go, Youkai and Feels have return


Natsume Yuujinchou go

I’m so happy to see a new season of Natsume Yuujinchou, I thought it would not going to happen. It is, no doubt, my favorite anime. 
What makes you like this anime so much? Are you giving too much hype? No way, good story, great characters, with a calm heartwarming atmosphere.  What else do you want? Some episodes will make you laugh, some episodes will make you cry, but most of them will make you calm and reflect on your life… My heart fills with happiness every time I watch Natsume Yuujinchou.

I will give you a quick recap on the story, so please stay. Alright, you might have a point with 5 seasons. Ahhh Thanks.

The plot goes on telling about a high school boy who can see and communicate with  supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore, to be exact, also called youkai. Despite this “ability” seemed to be something interesting, actually was a factor causing much suffering to Natsume: from a child that was considered “strange” in all schools he went to, as a poor orphan always being passed from relative to relative and always being rejected because of his peculiar attitudes that usually caused fear and anger in others. Natsume always tried to explain and talk about what he saw, but nobody believed him and he was regarded as a liar, repeatedly. Well done, now you have my attention. Continue. Yes Sir.

Thanks to the constant situations of misunderstanding, rejection and even bullying, Natsume has grown introverted and unhappy – and he also develops a feeling of disgust for any “non-living” creature. The problem is that Natsume couldn’t do anything about his ability to see youkai and even worse, many of those spirits were really dangerous. One day, however, Natsume discovers a book – apparently, that belonged to his grandmother – that somehow “control” the youkai. From there, his life begins to change gradually. My short overview of the series in case, any haven’t watch the series (Everyone should) or read my previous reviews. I did, but didn’t series took a really long hiatus? Yes, That why you should thank the anime gods for this. There are no such things as anime gods!!!! Shame on you non believer.

Lets get back on track, shall we? Specifically speaking, Natsume Yuujinchou Go tells us more about the development of this previous story, deepening the personalities of the characters, the relationships between them and some other small details that are being discovered every new episode. I really feel pleased to see that the studio is taking this job seriously and trying to join the loose ends in the previous seasons.

Art is always great despite the studio change. Really? Are you sure you are not too much of a fanboy to recognized the flaws? Yeah, the animators at this studio keep the same style as the older seasons. I am so glad the animator did so because you can watch all 5 seasons without feeling too much of the time-skip between the last seasons. That is good then.

The music is marvelous, as always. Not only the opening and ending music, but, especially, the background music. It always fills my heart with glee. But since you are tone deaf I don’t trust you. Well, you can judge for yourself.

This season of Natsume was surely brilliant and I’m left waiting for another season of this beautiful anime when season six comes out.

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