Princess Principal, Spy Girls Fight in Old London

Princess Principal take you on a journey with unusual young girls as they conduct espionage, all types of spy work, and even engage in assassinations. This is another take on the cute girls doing dark things. I am getting flashback of Madoka Magica. Tanteikid, you have made a mistake. Oh Then you explain it. Warning, there a few hints of yuri undertones that sensei might not have mentioned.

5 thoughts on “Princess Principal, Spy Girls Fight in Old London

  1. Did you watch the episode about Dorothy and her father and the one about the best spy in Dorothy and Ange’s year. Both of those cover Dorothy’s previous life pretty well.

    i thought this was a great series. The fact that most anime fans didnt like it doesn’t surprise me. Most anime fans wouldn’t know a good anime if they tripped over one 🙂

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