Talking Controversy – #Controversed Issue

Given that anime is what I tend to cover most often, we’ll restrict the conversation to said community, but I am new to writing about controversies, so I don’t have a clear approach yet. I will start by talking about two controversies I briefly talked about on this blog were Net-juu no Susume director posting negative Nazi comments and the Goblin slayer’s rape.

To catch folks up to speed who may not be in the know about these two controversies, first the  Net-juu no Susume (Recovery of a MMO Junkie) director went on a bizarre series of tweets denying the Holocaust and praising Nazis. After these tweets came to light a lot of anime fan started hating the anime because of it. The second controversy was about the rape scene of episode 1 of Goblin Slayer Much of the criticisms center on how rape was handled as a storytelling method in that episode. On one side there a people saying that the scene is pure evil and should not exist while another group said that the anime doesn’t establish the rape as horrific apart from its innate vileness and how the scene appears to be repugnant fan service. 

Of course, I had my own thoughts on these subjects which I may one day go into detail but that is not the point of this article. I hope to form a method to talk about any topic of contention because I have never written any such article before.

First, like with the two subjects above, I would try to give my readers as much information and context as possible about that subject that I want to talk about and sources, so my readers can catch up to it; I will also link un sources so my reader can read up on these topics id they don’t like my opinion.

I believe on any topic no matter what your opinion is; people are going to disagree with you, so I want to give my take on things, but I also want people to to think about what I wrote.They can disagree one what I say, and stand up to me; I want my posts to become grounds for discussion, After I discussed other opinions and mine. I want to show as many pieces of evidence to support my view and encourage people to talk about in a non-toxic way.

This is my answer to Moya of The Moyatorium‘s first week prompt. I don’t know when I will do a a full post on a controvisial event on this blog, but I do hope I can follow the guideline I wrote here.

What is #Controversed?

Before we close out this week’s topics, let me introduce to you

Each week Moya will be providing prompts and information related to discussing controversy for any topic, not just anime. She’ll be doing this using #Controversed on Twitter, her blog, and within Jon Spencer Reviews Discord. By joining, like me, you’ll move towards becoming a better writer, have fun conversations with other community members, and share ideas on how to deal with controversy in general. The deadline is the 29th of November.

Since it took me ages to write this post, I will post the prompt for the second week here as well, so you guys can take a pick on which one you will write about:

Week two is about critical voices

  • Make your own critical writing checklist, or checklist for tackling controversial topics! What is your writing/blogging voice, based on it?
  • Nobody is (or should be) objective, but how biased do you think you are? What are some biases in your writing, and how do you try to challenge them?
  • When discussing subjects that are difficult or controversial, how do you strike a balance between presenting a fair picture of the issue and staying true to your views? Has your view ever changed as you wrote?
  • The geek problem: how do you reach the depth that you want to discuss in your writing without alienating your audience?

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