Drifters: Samurai,warlords and kings saving elves.

Drifters – “Battle in a brand new world war.”

The anime is about historical characters or figures that participate in a bloody game of killing and survival, by getting sent to another world for mysterious reasons after they die in real life. 

Our main character is the badass known as Toyohisa Shimazu, a Japanese samurai. Upon losing his life in battle and clinging into the last remains of his life-force, is sent to a corridor which sends him into a new world, where he will face battles that he has never ever experienced before. 

Drifters do not disappoint in most areas, and definitely not its main animation style and fight scenes. For the most part, it has managed to keep CG at a minimum, avoiding the usage of hideous clones or terrible blends of hand-drawn and computer-assisted animation in favor of a uniquely beautiful style that you must see to appreciate (and yes, you do get used to it after the first few seconds). The only blow against this otherwise stellar track record is its usage of “Chibi” or an almost cutesy style during purely comedic moments.

Just know that if you have watched “Hellsing Ultimate”, you are probably gonna enjoy this, it’s similar in style and story. Crazy good animation, awesome soundtrack, and great brutal characters. What more does one need from an anime? I promise that you are gonna get hooked, and pray to god that every episode comes out on time.

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