Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭, Making a game with your harem

The art in saekano b was just plain phenomenal, from the ecchi parts to the emotional parts, it was totally outstanding for the harem type of show.  It is time to return to the best game circle/ harem ever. Will Tomoya make the game of his dreams and finally pick a route to the end or will there be a harem route???

Building on the success of their first VN, the circle started working on another VN and fandisc for the first game. The girls are more active in this season by making Tomoya choose who he wants to be with.

I know that there’s music in the series, but it’s not the kind of series that’s going to jump out at you and make you want to instantly download the soundtrack. The op and endings are my favorite songs. The soundtrack was good throughout the series,  but there was too little of it to make a lasting impact. We are not gifted in term of good music ears to criticized songs of this anime, but there were some really good songs in the emotional moments that was intensity by good songs such as Kato standing on the hill, the conflict scene between Eriri and Utaha argument and the shopping scene between Tomoya and Katou.


The series has well-written characters for a harem anime, Tomoya is not your usual, I am a nice guy MC that can be kicked around, yes he is still not aware of the girls’ feelings but that is because he wants to make his game, not chase girls. He doesn’t want a girlfriend, a girl’s love, attention, or to even talk to them. He wants to ignore the real world, 3D girls in favor of 2D ones. He also too crazy about his dream has completely sworn off making decisions about the girls and sometimes lack social awareness even for all his intelligent. Eriri outburst and lack of confidence is a good example of good writing  If Generic Harem MC #3549 stood up a girl, she would typically get tsundere, maybe hit him, and by the next episode, it would be forgotten. Tomoya left a “date” with Katou to pursue a sulking Utaha, only for the issue to seemingly be dropped. In S2, it’s revisited as Katou still has mixed feelings about how important she is to him, as both a circle member, a friend, and possible lover.

Due to the strength of Saekano’s characters, it’s always entertaining when they butt heads. Eriri, the textbook blonde twin-tail, tsundere childhood friend, continuously contradicts herself. It’s one thing when her senpai and rival Utaha corrects her, but this season, her kouhai Hashima Izumi even gets in a few licks at her expense. Each character fits an archetype to a certain degree,  the Tsundere childhood friend, older sexy senpai, and the main girl who turns out to be quiet or (boring) girl hence the name of the show.

I can’t imagine too many being put off by ecchi scenes in a harem comedy. The way the show handles ecchi is to force in panty shots, below skirt angles, and cleavage zoom-ins during heavy dialogue sequences.  There was even an episode 0 pool scene where the girls break the fourth wall and talked about the nature of this anime. You guys should and see it

The final twist is that the two most prolific professionals in Tomoya’s group have been poached by large-scale producer Kosaka Akane. She has seduced them with the promise of working on Fields Chronicle, a game that in comparison is supposed to be evocative of what Final Fantasy might be to us. It’s a huge opportunity, and the girls cannot pass it up.  this should be left for Season 3. It’s a strong blow to the show, and it leaves it on one great note, no indecision of who is the main girl, but a separation from the MC to grow.

The decision of Kasumigaoka Utaha and Sawamura Eriri was ultimately the right choice for their dreams. They had drifted apart from Tomoya Aki at the start of season one and were barely on speaking terms. It wasn’t until the chance encounter Tomoya had with Megumi Katou that he rekindled his friendship with them, and the three grew closer. At the end of the day, they were playing fiddle to his love sonnet to another girl, and it made sense for them to leave. It’s very rare for harem characters to act separate from the male MC, or to leave him altogether. They still peak on him, so it is a good ending.


3 thoughts on “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭, Making a game with your harem

  1. I really enjoyed this series. And yeah the girls ample to shine and grow themselves. I kind of felt for Utaha in her episode. Tomo grew in his own way, and the reconciliation with his long time friend/rival is actually quite nice.
    I don’t think a 3rd season is in the works. A movie might be. Apparently the manga ends where Utaha and Eriri leave.

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